Who We Are

The Women’s Retailers Fund are Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, Aunts, Daughters & Professionals in our communities making a difference.


Our Mission:

The Women’s Retailers Fund of the USHWGA continuously seeks to improve the lives of women and their children by building a community of female philanthropists to find the cure to end poverty by developing local programs and initiatives that address the root causes of social issues impacting women and their children in the rural and very underserve areas in the USA Mexico and Latin America.

Our Vision:

Is to empower women where:

  • They have equal opportunities, skills and resources to be independent, self-sufficient and contributing members of the community;
  • Are healthy and live in homes and communities without fear of violence;
  • Are empowered and equipped to be leaders in the community; and
  • Are supported in their roles in their families, regardless of their family structure.

What is USWGA? 

We are the USWGA, National Business Women Grocers Association, representing the Retail, Wholesale Grocers and Pharmaceutical companies that consist of the independent sector of the food and Pharmaceutical industries, along the path with many affiliated and combined businesses and  associations, producers, manufacturers and service suppliers as well as other companies that support USWGA’s Mission. We are committed to participate in resolving this humane crisis of Immigrants in the USA and beyond to stablish models of progress and better life across borders by ENDING Poverty ONE Million at a Time.

Our Values

These values guide the judgments and actions of The Women’s Retailers Fund of the USWGA as we work together to carry out our mission and achieve our vision.


We believe that encouraging and valuing the investment of time, treasure, and talent can result in systemic change for women and their children in our communities.


We strive for a community where women and their children of all backgrounds –including diversity of race, age, ability, culture, economic status, education, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation— are engaged at all levels of society so that their unique backgrounds, talents, and beliefs may serve to enhance our community and one another.


We believe that providing leadership that focuses on the needs of women and their children helps build and develop our whole community.


We believe that all women and their children are able to effect change in their lives, organizations, and communities.

Social justice

We strive to raise the status of women and their children until their value, worth and dignity is fully respected, and that all women are treated fairly and equitably to promote progress and opportunity. We must END Poverty amongst women and their children.

Members and Partners 

Our membership model is one of the ways to support finding the cure to END Poverty. Our model is one that makes The Women’s Retailers Fund of the USHWGA unique. A diverse group of women and their children have come together and pooled their financial resources to support our projects and educational programs to improve the lives of women and girls in our community. In addition to providing funding for projects, our members participate in the financial support of the organizations to receive funding.

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