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The USWGA was founded in 2004 originally named the Hispanic Women Grocers Association. We help fill a void in that particular demographic's representation in the grocer industry. Our headquarters was in one of Southern California's largest distribution hubs--the City of San Bernardino. As most organizations do, we evolved. Part of that evolution was to become more inclusive. We became the United States Women Grocers Association.

The founder of the USWGA, Concepcion M. Powell, spent the past three decades building business relationships with producers of ultra-high quality goods and products — perishables and dry goods including organics, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Complimentary professional relationships formed bridging the gap between producer, distributor and wholesaler. Now is the perfect time to infuse technology to simplify managing these relationships and their many moving parts.

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Our Mission

The USWGA is promoting progress for women in the food industry through education and leadership.

Creating strategic partnerships at all levels of the food supply chain, including educational systems and the government, enables us to make systemic improvements that benefit every person working in the industry.

USWGA Testimonial Review

Our Vision

The USWGA envisions a future primed with technological advances, inclusion and diversity, and seeing more women in decision-making roles.

Women are the future. They are making more and more breakthroughs across every industry in most nations across the globe. They are government leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs. We are honored to be a part of an evolution that is quickly becoming main stream.

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The USWGA has set aggressive goals in expanding our reach, membership base and services. Here's how we will meet those goals:

• Establish a strong digital footprint across the internet
• Create strategic partnerships with like-minded service providers
• Build a team of subject matter experts and professionals to deliver value and quality to our members

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Our Board

Strong leadership. Every successful organization begins there. Leadership that obsesses over the experience of every person we reach.

• Strive to generate a game-changing experience for our membership, sponsors and stakeholders
• Create permanent job opportunities within the organization through implementing self-sustaining business models and scalable projects
• Deliver on our mission critical items efficiently and effectively

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