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To the Nation’s Leading Organization Representing the Retail & Wholesale Grocers and Pharmaceutical Industries.

The U.S. Women's Grocers Association (USWGA) was originally founded as the Hispanic Women Grocers of America in 2004 as a state-wide organization. In March 2012, the organization became a national food trade organization focused on advancing women in the food industry through knowledge and leadership in the areas of retail, logistics, distribution, food manufacturing, food engineering, agriculture, pharmaceutical industry, and community development.

We are a national women-in-trade association representing the retail and wholesale grocers that comprise the independent supermarket sector and the chain of distiibution in the food and pharmacy industries. The USWGA also focuses on empowering men and women in the food and pharmacy industries by better understanding of the industries in order to promote opportunity.

The organization exists to facilitate partnerships between associations, producers, food manufacturers, retailers, and service suppliers, as well as any corporation that supports the mission of USWGA. The largest effort being to increase the speed of industry progress beyond the initial pioneering work and create the possibility of efficiently reaching as many retailers, supermarkets, men, and women in North America.

USWGA members include retail and wholesale grocers, food producers, manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies. They also represent the many links within the distribution chain such as logistics and transportation, service suppliers, and local grocers associations.


To ensure that traditional and non-traditional, community-focused retailers, wholesalers and producers are guaranteed the opportunity to succeed and better serve consumers through education, advocacy, policy changes, industry updates, sponsorship programs, and certification programs.


To promote and diversify social inclusiveness in the marketplace through a vigorous independent sector, increasing the knowledge of our members for better consumer choice in a variety of ethnic products, price, quality, value, and service. And have presence in more then 30 states nationally and internationally in the United States and Mexico.


To engage in creating opportunities and education in the world's largest retail trade and food industry that represents 4.8 trillion USD in annual sales; pharmaceutical and traditional pharmacy chains that represents over 3.7 trillion USD in annual sales; and represent the top consumers--women and children.


With over 35 years of experience, Concepción M. Powell (also known as Conchita Powell) is a high-ranking expert in cross-cultural economic and community development initiatives. Ms. Powell works diligently as an international relations and business management development consultant. She is a highly successful and well-respected businesswoman with experience as founder and director of a large national organization.

She has opened doors between diverse groups to improve understanding and collaboration, regarding issues of local, international business and community development. Ms. Powell has tirelessly aimed at improving the quality of life throughout society and she employs extensive experience and ability to achieve lasting results within emerging communities.

Collaborating with grassroots leaders of education programs and senior-level government officials, she has developed social and economic opportunities throughout the United States, México and Latin America. Ms. Powell has successfully produced a number of programs and economic development forums between the United States and México. All highlighting her skills as a transcontinental business facilitator and business advocate for social and economic advancement.


on a national level

Grocers industry represents over 4 million retailers nationwide
Creating 72 million jobs per year
Generating over 3.4 trillion USD in annual sales
Pharmacy industry generates over 4 trillion USD in annual sales and millions of jobs


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